Conversaciones En Inglés En Un Hotel

Cuando viajas y te alojas en un hotel es muy útil saber el vocabulario específico en inglés para las distintas situaciones que puedan presentarse y hacer de tu viaje y estadía un momento placentero de disfrute y confort.

Inglés Para Hoteles- Tipos De Alojamiento

frases de hoteles

HOTEL: hay de distintos tipos y precios

BED AND BREAKFAST / B&B:  te ofrecen cama y desayuno

INN: posada, pensión 

RESORT: complejo turístico, en general son ALL INCLUSIVE.

YOUTH HOSTEL: albergues para jóvenes

AIRBNB: plataforma online de alquileres temporarios.

BOOKING es el término más usado en inglés para hacer cualquier tipo de reservas de alojamiento.

En general hoy en día las reservas de hoteles  las realizas online pero si por alguna causa no pudieras hacerlo siempre está la posibilidad de llamar por teléfono  o incluso llegado el caso hacer la reserva personalmente.


Para averiguar disponibilidad de alojamiento se puede mandar un email.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to know if you have a double room available for 2nd March, 2021. It’s for two people and we would like breakfast too. If possible, we would like a room with a (sea) view. 

Please let me know your rates per night. 

Thank you very much in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Susan Banks.

Si tienen disponibilidad en la fecha elegida se puede mandar otro email para hacer la reserva.

Dear John,

Thank you for the information. I would like to go ahead and book  the room for 2nd  March. Please could you send me confirmation by email?

Best regards,


Frases de Hoteles

hombre teniendo conversaciones en ingles en un hotel

-R: How can I help you?

-C: Hello! I’d like to make a reservation / a booking  for a standard double room. Do you have any rooms available?

-R: Yes of course. When would you like to check-in? And how many nights would that be for?

-C: On March 2nd for three nights.How much is the daily rate for a double room? / What’s the room rate per night?

-R: We do have one room available for that date. It’s $100 a night so that comes to $340 for the three nights plus tax included.

-C: Yes, that ‘s fine.

-R: Great.Let me fill the reservation form.  Can / May I take / have  your full name please?

-C: Yes, it’s Susan Banks. Do I need to pay a deposit?

-R: Yes,thank you Miss Banks. Can I just get your credit card number to make the booking?

Is there anything else  I can help you with?

-C: Yes, could I have a confirmation emailed to me?

-R: Sure. What’s your email address? I’ll send that over to you now.

-C: Thank you.

-R: You’re welcome. We look forward to seeing you on the dates you’ve booked.

Si hubiera un incoveniente con la fecha elegida para la reserva la recepcionista lo expresará de esta manera.

-R: I’m sorry but it’s a holiday period and we’re almost fully booked.

-I’m afraid we don’t have anything free on  those dates. 

Ofrecer otra alternativa

-R: I could offer you a deluxe room on those dates. Would that work for you?

-C: That could work but how much is it?

-C: Oh that’s quite more expensive than  the standard double room. Is there any way you can offer me a discount?

Recepción en Ingles – Check-in Al Llegar Al Hotel

reservar hotel en ingles

-C: Hello, I have a reservation / booking for a double room for three nights.The name is Susan Banks.

-R: Yes I see that here. Could I please have your passports?/ I need   your passports.

-Would you be interested in upgrading to a suite / deluxe room?

-C: How much more  is that? / would it be?

-R: Breakfast is included / complimentary.

-Breakfast is not included.. Do you want to add breakfast?

-C: Yes please, we will add that. 

-No, thank you . We’re going to go out for breakfast. 

-R: Here’s your keycards. You’re in room 203. You’re on the 2nd floor.

Preguntas Sobre Las Comodidades y Los Servicios Del Hotel

-When is check-in time? / check- out time?

What’s the latest I can check-in?

There’s a 24 hour front desk, you can check-in at any time.

-Can you give me a wake up call at 7 o’clock?

-Do you have WIFI in the hotel?  Do you have high speed WIFI?

-What’s the WIFI password for  the hotel?

-Do you offer airport transfer?  Do you offer a shuttle service  to the airport?

-Is there a car park in the hotel? Is there a parking space near the hotel?

-Do you offer 24 hour room service?

-Do you offer dry cleaning service?

-What kind of gym facilities  do you have?

-What are the gym hours? The gym is open 24/7.

-What are the pool hours? Do you have an indoor / heated pool?  

-The pool is open from 6am till midnight. .

-Do rooms have jacuzzi / hot tubs / kitchenette, etc.?

-Are dogs / pets allowed?

Conversaciones en Inglés – Check-out Al Dejar el Hotel

-C: Hi. I’d like to check-out.

-R: Yes of course, how was your stay? Here’s a copy of your bill. The room and tax are already paid, so these are just the extras.

-C: That seems fine, can you put it on my credit card?

The total seems higher than I expected, what exactly are these additional charges?

Problemas y Quejas

reserva de hotel

1)- C: I have a few problems with my room.

-R: I’m sorry to hear that, what seems to be the problem?

-C: There’s an issue with the central heating. It’s very hot and I can’t seem to turn it down. Something is wrong with the sink in the bathroom. / I think there is a problem with …

-R: Ok. I’ll send somebody to take a look at that / fix it.

2) C: I’d like to make a complaint. My room hasn’t been cleaned properly.

-R: What exactly is wrong?

-C: There’s dust everywhere and I found papers in the wastebasket. I have to say this is unacceptable. If I’m paying this much money, the least I should be able to expect is

-R: Here’s what I can do for you: I can offer you a complimentary upgrade to a …deluxe room.

-C: Ok, but this sort of thing shouldn’t happen. When can I move rooms?

-R: Just call reception and we’ll send someone to help you with your bags / to pick up the luggage.


Todas estas frases y vocabulario específico te serán de gran utilidad al momento de viajar y tener que arreglar temas relacionados con tu alojamiento. Es tiempo de ponerlos en práctica para que puedas incorporarlos con naturalidad.

Si queres adquirir más fluidez y desarrollar más conocimientos, no dudes en tomar nuestras clases de inglés para viajar, conversaciones en inglés o inglés general.