5 Tips Para Que Mejores Tus Conversaciones En Inglés En Un Restaurante

Una de las situaciones más comunes de nuestra vida cotidiana tiene que ver con ir a comer a un restaurante, ni que hablar cuando viajamos y queremos hacerlo en inglés. Para que puedas sentirte cómodo y sepas cómo reservar una mesa en un restaurante, ordenar la comida que te gusta, y todo lo relacionado con la situación de comer afuera aquí van algunos consejos y frases útiles.

#1 ¿Cómo Hacer Una Reserva Telefónica Para Comer En Un Restaurante?

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Hostess: Bar 61, how can I help you?

You: Hello, I’d like to book a table for dinner on Saturday.

Hostess: Ok. What time would you be arriving?

You: We would arrive at about 8 p.m.

Hostess: Perfect. How many people would be coming?

You:  I need a table for two people or There’s two of us

Hostess: All right, Mr. XX, you have a reservation for four people at 8pm on Saturday. Do you need anything else?

You: Yes, I just wanted to ask if there’s a parking available at the restaurant?

Hostess: Yes,there is.

You: Great. Thanks so much.

Hostess: Thank you for calling Bar 61. See you soon.

#2 Conversaciones En Inglés Al Entrar En Restaurante

(Con reserva)

-Good evening, I have a reservation for two under the name XXX.

-Excellent sir, I’ll show you to your table.Please follow me.

(SIn reserva)

-Good evening, do you have a table for two by any chance? or Do you have any tables available for this evening?

-For sure sir, please come with me.  

#3 Conversaciones En Inglés En La Mesa

ingles para restaurante

Waiter: Good evening, my name is Paul and I’ll be your waiter today.  Would you like to see our special drinks menu in addition to the food menu?

You: Hello, yes, we’d like to see both menus.

Waiter: Can I take your order now, Madam/Sir? 

You: Not quite yet, sorry. We just need a bit more time.

Minutos después…

Waiter: Are you ready to order now?

You:Yes please. To start, we’ll have tomato soup  and the raw broccoli and  for the main course I’ll have  a steak with mashed potatoes and peas. 

Waiter: And how would you like the steak, sir .. rare, medium or well done?

You: I’d like it medium please.

Waiter: What would you like to drink?

You: We’ll have mineral   water and a bottle of  red wine. My wife will have today’s special.

Waiter: Ok, our special today is grilled salmon with roasted garlic potatoes and seasonal vegetables. 

You: Yes, that’s fine.

Waiter: Would you like still water or sparkling?

You: Two bottles of still water please.

Al finalizar el plato principal…

Waiter: Is everything OK?

You: Yes, everything was delicious thanks. or  It was absolutely fantastic!Compliments to the chef.

Waiter: Can I get you anything else? Would you like dessert?

You: Sure! We’d love to. Could I have a look at the dessert menu?

Waiter: Ok, I’m going to bring the dessert trolley.

You: I’ll take a homemade vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce  and fresh fruit salad  for my wife.

Waiter: Would you like coffee or tea?

You: We’ll have an espresso and a cappuccino.

#4 Conversaciones En Inglés Al Terminar La Comida

You: Can I have the bill please?

Waiter: Certainly, one moment please. How would you like to pay? 

You: Can I pay by credit card? Is service included? 

Waiter: Yes sir.

You: Here you are. 

#5 Algunas Frases Útiles Más

dialogo de ingles de 2 personas

-Si querés hacer preguntas sobre los platos o pedir recomendación sobre alguno en especial

Does the steak come with salad?

Does the soup have garlic in it?

Do you have a recommendation on any good dishes?

Do you know if the seafood risotto is any good?

Si no te gusta algún ingrediente

Could you please remove the nuts from the salad?

Is it possible to have the rice with no prawns in it?

I’m allergic to peppers, is it possible to remove them?

-Si querés pedir algo más

Could I have some more water/wine please?

Is it possible to have some salt, please?

Can we order another champagne?

Can we have another teaspoon, please? 

-Si querés llevarte a tu casa la comida que sobró

Could you put this in a doggy bag?


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